Get to Know Us

If you’re not familiar with Happenings Magazine please allow us to take this opportunity to present some information about Happenings so you can get to know the magazine a little bit better.

We are Ventura County’s community calendar of events and have been in publication since 1982. That means that we have been publishing under the same management for longer than any other publication in Ventura County.

We are a free monthly publication that offers its readers fun things to do in and around Ventura County. We list fun happenings for all types of people; from children, teens, adults, singles, and families… there is something for everyone. We feature an event section that includes everything from parades to festivals, summer camps, schools, dance, art, concerts, children’s theater, travel, family, sports, and more.

We are distributed by all our advertisers, by subscription, and in grocery stores, chambers, schools, churches, restaurants, doctor’s offices, realtors, escrow companies, model homes, scout groups, play groups, at major events, and the list goes on. Wherever large numbers of people congregate you will find Happenings Magazine.

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